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Our solos, duos & groups have been having an AMAZING time at the annual Lockyer District Dance Festival (Gatton Eisteddfod). This is always a great event & our dancers were lucky enough to walk away with the following places - SOLOS/DUOS -

1st U7 Jazz - Kayla Eaves

1st U11 Jazz - Morgan Weekes

1st O11 Restricted - Morgan Weekes

2nd U7 Lyrical - Kayla Eaves

2nd U10 Restricted - Paige Allen

2nd O11 Restricted - Tamsyn Karppinen

2nd U14 Jazz Duo - Claire Morrow & Anjali Willett

2nd Open Jazz Duo - Caitlyn O’Brien & Julia Mercer

3rd U9 Jazz - Paige Allen

3rd Open Hip Hop - Courtney Chard

3rd Open Cabaret - Annabelle Armstrong

HC U4 Tiny Tots - Allegra Moraitis

HC U7 Demi-Character - Kayla Eaves

HC U10 Restricted - Madeleine Went

HC Open Contemporary - Julia Mercer


1st U8 Novelty - Big Bad Wolf

1st U12 Hip Hop - Snapchat

2nd U6 Jazz - Shake It Off

3rd U8 Jazz - Candyman

3rd U8 Jazz - Fierce Shoes

HC U8 Lyrical - Dream

HC U8 Song & Dance - Naughty

HC U12 Jazz - A Little Party

HC Open Contemporary - Game of Thrones


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