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Below are the results from DCE State Showdown 2017:

Tiny Jazz - Shake It Off: 1st Place

Youth Jazz - Candyman: 1st Place

Youth Lyrical - Dream: 1st Place

Junior Jazz - A Little Party: 2nd Place

Junior Contemporary - Game Of Thrones: 1st Place

Open Jazz - Americano: 1st Place

Open Hip Hop - Where They From: 3rd Place

Tiny Duo - Madison & Sophie: 1st Place

Youth Duo - Kayla & Sarah: 2nd Place

Open Duo - Jali & Julia: 1st Place

Youth Solo - Kayla Eaves: 1st Place

Youth Solo - Sarah Jones: 3rd Place

Open Solo - Annabelle Armstrong: 2nd Place

Youth Jazz - Candyman: Highest Scoring Youth Jazz

Youth Jazz - Candyman: Youth Grand Champion (Highest Scoring Youth Dance)

Junior Jazz - A Little Party: Most Entertaining

Junior Contemporary - Game Of Thrones: Highest Scoring Lyrical/Contemporary

Open Jazz - Americano: Highest Scoring Jazz

These results are absolutely amazing, especially because we had to change most of our routines just before they were performed due to illness & injury, & we are extremely proud of everyones hard work, determination, & team spirit.

Thank-you to all of our teachers & helpers who kept everything running smoothly.

Thank-you to all of our parents & families for your continued support.

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